American Friendship Dernek         

                  We believe in the power of world peace and love. We love Turkey, Turkish culture and the people who live here. Our volunteers organize events, free of charge, for the purpose of building friendship and experiencing intercultural interaction.  Anyone, from any country or city, may participate in our events regardless of nationality.  In short, our door is open to everyone. Through our activities, many young people and visitors are building great friendships while also learning about Turkey's rich cultural heritage.  Turkey has many tourists who come, taste new dishes, shop and visit other attractions while traveling. However, they usually miss the most important experience, getting to know the people and learning the intricacies of the culture.   We work to change this by inviting tourists, students and visitors to our activities so they can have the chance to make life long friendships.  

Our association is not for profit. All activities are free of charge and planned by volunteers.